101 E Broadway St 5th Floor

Property Information

4600 sq. ft.
101 E Broadway St, 5th Floor
Missoula, MT 59802

Contact Information

Steven Stelling Sr.
(406) 728-9200

Come and own a piece of Missoula history on the 5th floor of The Montana Building! Few structures hold as much historical and cultural significance in the valley as The Montana Building. Constructed by Dixon-Cowell in 1910 it premiered as the first “fire proof” building in Montana. It was designed with reinforced concrete post and beam construction as well as using steel reinforced slab floors. Innovations for the time that have contributed to it’s longevity. Located on the corner of Higgins and Broadway this iconic building is in the center of Downtown. In 1911 President Theodore Roosevelt addressed Missoula from the corner of the second floor as shown in the locally famous photograph that, ‘The Daily Missoulian” called this gathering, “the largest crowd that the Garden’s City life has known” Throughout its history, the Montana Building has been a focal point of commercial activity in Missoula. Over the years, it has housed many diverse array of businesses. Listed by Stephen Stelling Prior tenants include law offices, financial institutions, retail stores, and professional services. Over the decades, the Montana Building has undergone various renovations and restoration projects to preserve its architectural integrity and adapt to the changing needs of the community. Efforts to maintain its historic character have ensured that it remains a cherished part of Missoula’s environment. Today, the Montana Building stands as a testament to Missoula’s rich history and serves as a vibrant hub of activity in the heart of the city. Whether admired for its architectural beauty, valued for its commercial significance, or appreciated for its cultural heritage, the Montana Building remains an integral part of Missoula’s past, present, and future. The fifth floor is comprised of 15 suites that vary in size and configurations. With low a ultra low vacancy rate and quality tenants this floor has some of the best offices and views in all of downtown. Showings by appointment only.

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