Safety & Policing Business Improvement District

In 2010 the Downtown community partnered with city police to establish a new position dedicated to patrolling Downtown Missoula on foot and/or bicycle. As a dedicated service specific to the Business Improvement District of Downtown, the Downtown Police Officer provides consistent policing services outside of the patrol car and on the sidewalks, alleys and trails throughout Downtown. The program has grown over the years, and today Downtown has a full-time, year-round, uniformed officer, dedicated to policing Downtown only.

Funded in partnership by the Downtown Missoula Partnership, the City of Missoula, and the Missoula Parking Commission, the Downtown Policing Program has reduced crime, focusing on safety, and improved the quality of life on the streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, trails and parking lots of Downtown Missoula.

Officer Shelagh More began her stint as the Dedicated Downtown Police Officer in December 2016. As a 20-year veteran of the Missoula Police Department, Officer More appreciates the opportunities to engage with the public on issues that impact the safety and well-being of Downtown.

2017 Activity

  • Provided information and assistance to nearly 1,800 citizens
  • Issued nearly 175 tickets for open container
  • Issued 125 tickets for camping in Downtown
  • Issued over 100 tickets for disorderly conduct
  • Issued nearly 80 tickets for trespassing
  • Issued 75 tickets for dog violations
  • Issued almost 40 tickets for aggressive panhandling
  • Executed nearly 70 welfare checks and almost 50 outstanding warrants

Additionally, city police provide additional patrol services to multiple areas of Downtown, including the Missoula Public Library, the Mountain Line Transit Center, the Northside Pedestrian Bridge and all Downtown parks and parking structures.

A thriving and vibrant Downtown is a safe Downtown. For more information on Downtown Policing, contact Officer Shelagh More via phone (406-396-3188) or email ([email protected]).