Why Invest in Downtown

Downtown Missoula continues experiencing unprecedented investment and growth. The city has taken intentional steps to map and stage development ensuring sustainable success while maintaining its rich historical past and beauty. If you are interested in starting a business downtown or moving your business here, please contact the Downtown Missoula Partnership at (406) 543-4238.

Invest in Downtown

  • Quality of Life: Missoula tops the “best of” lists annually with its beautiful surroundings, immediate access to almost any outdoor activity, rich historic and cultural environment, and sophisticated, hip yet down-to-earth atmosphere.
  • Workforce Pipeline: The University of Montana and Missoula College are adjacent Downtown and provide a steady workforce of smart, hardworking college graduates and students for any business. The city also has a highly-educated workforce, as nearly half of its residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Entrepreneurship Spirit: Montana prides itself on its can-do-spirit. Today, Missoula boasts a growing entrepreneurship movement in the arts, life sciences, information technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and creative services. Many of these startups are thriving and making Downtown their home.
  • Safe and Clean Neighborhoods: The Downtown Missoula Partnership is committed to keeping Downtown clean and safe. It employs a team of people to ensure the streets are free of litter and debris. It also employs a full-time police officer to keep the area safe.