Missoula Downtown Foundation Fundraising Initiatives


The MDF pursues other sources of funding in the form of grants and has raised nearly $70,000 since 2015.
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Fundraising Priorities

The MDF continues to raise and reinvest donations into the Heart of Missoula, with these priority projects on the horizon:

  • Updating the Downtown Master Plan
  • Installation of Information Kiosks, the next phase of the Wayfinding System
  • Caras Park Pavilion Canopy Replacement and Restroom Upgrades
  • Funding the beloved “Play It Missoula” Pianos
  • Building capacity and awareness of the Foundation and its mission

With new Downtown development totaling nearly $850 million, these projects are more important than ever. And so is our mission: to support and promote Missoula through enhancement of Downtown, now and for future generations.