Unseen Missoula Guided Walking Tours

UNSEEN MISSOULA – Our exciting and new tour program! The Downtown Missoula Heritage Program (Unseen Missoula), a partnership of the Missoula Downtown Association, City of Missoula’s Historic Preservation Office, and Historical Research Associates, began offering historical guided walking tours every Thursday and Saturday to the public in June 2018.

The Unseen Missoula Program is comprised of three tours: Basements & Back Alleys, Hotels & Hooligans, and Secrets of the Clark Fork River Walking Tour. These tours promote the heritage and uniqueness of Downtown Missoula and work to engage Missoulians, visitors, civic groups, downtown businesses, and property owners in fostering cultural identity and promoting heritage tourism.

Downtown Historic Walking TourDowntown Tours and Sites Route Map

“History can never be covered up,” said Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, and those words could never truer than in Downtown Missoula. Take the time to look up as you tour the many and varied historical landmarks listed below, and remnants of the past will appear to you in tucked-away corners. Count the historic billboards of long-forgotten place like the Atlantic Hotel and the Diner Café and you will see the many layers of history like layers of an onion in the story of Missoula.

Public Art Tour

A vital component of any urban landscape, the presence of public art in a community signifies the character of the neighborhood. Downtown Missoula has a wealth of public art and culture. Listed below are over 20 works of public art on display in the Downtown area alone.