Downtown Arts & Culture Impact Grants

The Missoula Downtown Foundation enhances and promotes the Spirit and Heritage of the greater Downtown Missoula area, now and for future generations.

The Arts & Culture Impact Grants utilize private resources to support the beautification, historical preservation, and general livability of Downtown Missoula.  The Missoula Downtown Foundation supports placemaking projects that celebrate Downtown Missoula as the cultural center of our community.


Placemaking projects reimagine public spaces and contribute to an inviting, healthy, vibrant community.  The Foundation’s Arts & Culture Impact Grants aim to create connectivity to Downtown, capitalize on community assets, and create bonds among residents, visitors, and Downtown Missoula.  Placemaking projects can transform identified spaces in Downtown Missoula and strengthen the connection people have with the Missoula community. The Foundation supports public and private entities, organizations, groups, and or individuals that:

  • Make Downtown Missoula better for future generations

    Figure i: Rendering of a space downtown transformed with a mural. Bartholet, Dave. Brook Trout.
  • Support the cultural, social, and economic uniqueness that is Downtown Missoula
  • Create long-lasting positive change in Downtown Missoula
  • Complete projects within six months
  • Complete projects that are inclusive of all individuals

The Foundation will consider impactful and sustainable projects that focus on:

  1. Heritage and historic preservation
  2. Arts & culture
  3. Safety, livability, walkability
  4. Alley activation
  5. Compliance with the goals of the Downtown Master Plan, the North Riverside Parks & Trails Plan, or the Heritage Interpretive Plan





Available Funding

The MDF Board of Directors is dedicated to ensure the Foundation’s resources will have a significant impact on small-scale projects for Downtown Missoula.  MDF will allocate $15,000 each year to fund up to two projects per year.

Artists are encouraged to submit proposals with accurate projected costs even if those costs exceed the $5,000 available funding from the MDF. Although not guaranteed, building owners are often enthusiastic to provide additional funds to help bridge the funding gap to activate their spaces.


Interested in supporting more art for our community? Donations to the Missoula Downtown Foundation can be directed specifically to the Arts & Culture Impact Grant.

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Available Space

Unsure what spaces are available? Downtown is host to a multitude of public spaces and private buildings ready for mural activation! Below are a few spaces identified for alley activation. What do you envision the space would look like with your art?

  • South Face Wall of Worden’s Market (451 N. Higgins)

Site Details:

1.) Full wall, project can be three-phased or done all together

2.) 1,250sq.ft painted cinder block surface

3.) Owner is open to any ideas! Art types that interest the owner are multi-dimensional abstract pieces or something interactive to the viewer.


  • North Face Wall of Downtown Missoula Partnership (218 E. Main St.)

Site Details:

1.) Full wall available or outlined art with matte background.

2.) Painted cinder block surface

3.) Owner is open to any artwork


  • West or North Face Wall of The Dorothy (131 W Alder St.)

Site Details:

1.) Two separate walls for consideration. Could be incorporated together or choose your prefence.

2.) Large brick surface with many windows on the West face wall.

3.) Owner has in mind a floating mural along the side of the building. Has mentioned the possibility of a dragon snaking through the windows and shooting flames up chimney! This is one idea for the space, but the owner is eager to see what a local artist imagines for either space.

  • Have a building you would be interested in putting your art on?

Don’t feel limited by the available spaces- we would love to see where your vision takes you and where you would like to see your art Downtown. 

Connect with the DMP office at [email protected] or call us at (406) 543-4238 to share your ideas or discover more about potential locations for your artwork!

Evaluation Criteria
Figure ii: Rendering of a space downtown transformed with a mural. Fab Funky. Beagle, Formal Hound and Hat.

The MDF Board of Directors will review submitted applications for:

  • Artistic quality and merit of the project
  • The extent to which the project leverages investment in the MDF mission and Downtown priority projects
  • Alignment with current Downtown Master Plans, priorities, and focus areas
  • Sustainability of the completed project
  • Applicant qualifications
  • Located within Downtown Master Plan Boundary (found below)
Figure iii: Focus area for grant funding; within the Downtown Master Plan Boundary.

Grant applications are reviewed in the Spring of each year. The application portal for 2025 will reopen January 1, 2025. Applications should be submitted no later than February 28, 2025.
A determination on an application will be decided within three months. Selected applicants will be invited to present their project to the MDF Board of Directors.
Past Projects

Title: Greetings from Missoula

Artist: Tanya Lee Yarrow

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Description: Completed in 10 weeks during the summer of 2023, this mural depicts many of the activities Missoulians know and love. It captures the essence and representation of the city and has become a focal point for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

Title: Filling the Void

Artist: Missoula Art Museum’s Teen Art Project with artist leads April Werle, Krissy Ramirez and Janaína Vieira-Marques

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Description: Two murals on adjacent alley walls along the 100 block of West Broadway created in the summer of 2023 through the Missoula Art Museum’s Teen Art Project. The murals are a juxtaposition of indoor to outdoor scenes and include ceramic elements throughout the piece.