2018-19 Downtown Missoula Master Plan Update

The first-ever Downtown Missoula Master Plan was created in 2007-2008 through a community-wide visioning process. The purpose of the plan was to build a comprehensive, balance-centered strategy to strengthen and expand Downtown Missoula’s role as the economic and cultural heart of the city. The 2009 Master Plan  set forth a vision for land use and circulation, employment, housing, parking, retail, tourism and infrastructure.

We are now in the process of updating the Downtown Missoula Master Plan. The Master Plan Update will serve to guide decisions over the next 10 years impacting the city’s historic downtown and adjoining neighborhoods. An updated strategy, built by the community, will provide the pathway for Missoula to maintain a vibrant Downtown to serve our community and our region.

The critical study areas include: (1) Land Uses, (2) Infrastructure, (3) Downtown Housing, (4) Parking, (5) Street Design Standards, and (6) Retail and Commercial Business Development.


The Downtown Missoula Partnership (DMP) will kick-off the Community Visioning process to update the Downtown Master Plan on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018 from 5:30-7 pm at the Wilma Theater (131 S. Higgins). All community members are invited to the presentation, which will be the first of many occasions Missoulians can offer input during the year-long planning process that will redefine the future of Downtown Missoula.

The DMP has enlisted Dover, Kohl & Partners (DK&P) to guide the Missoula community through a reassessment of the 2009 Downtown Master Plan and the development of a new strategic plan to serve as the primary guiding tool for the public and private sectors. With more than 30 years of urban planning experience and multiple awards from the American Planning Association (APA) and the Congress for New Urbanism, DK&P has assembled a team of experienced professionals in the areas of urban planning, historic preservation, economic development, parking and transportation, parks, housing and public engagement to build a robust and innovative Master Plan that builds on Downtown’s authentic place.

Representatives from DK&P and their sub-consultants will make their first visit to Missoula October 17-19, 2018 and will immerse themselves in learning about the Heart of Missoula, named America’s Great Neighborhood in 2017 by the APA. Jason King, Principal and Senior Director of DK&P, will serve as the principal project director, and Meredith Bergstrom will serve as the program manager. The team will tour Downtown Missoula, meet with city and Downtown leadership, and host the Community Kick-Off Presentation at the Wilma Theater. They will also meet with more than a dozen stakeholder groups in a variety of areas, including business development, parks, parking, education, transportation, housing, arts, development, and more. People attending the kick off meeting will have the opportunity to interact with the consultants and provide invaluable feedback.

“It is an exciting time for our community as we assemble together for this very important visioning for our future,” said Tim France, owner of Worden’s Market and President of the Downtown Business Improvement District Board of Directors. “Downtown is the Heart of Missoula, and everyone who lives here is vested in this place. It is what defines us and sets us apart from anywhere USA. Our community’s engagement in updating the strategic plan for Downtown is essential and valued, as we continue to build on this vibrant city center for centuries to come. We want to fill every seat in the Wilma on Oct. 18 and learn firsthand what the community wants Downtown Missoula to be 10 years from now.”

For more information, visit www.missouladowntown.com, email [email protected], or follow MissoulaDowntown on Facebook.

Dover, Kohl & Partners Site Visit: October 17-19

Dover, Kohl and Partners, the Downtown Master Plan Update consultant will be in Missoula Oct. 17-19, 2019. Here is a snapshot of their visits.

If you have questions or want to provide additional feedback please email [email protected] or call (406) 543-4238.

2018-19 Master Plan Funders

One of the most successful components of the Downtown Missoula Master Plan is community engagement and support. When the original plan was created in 2008, close to 75 businesses and organizations funded the plan and nearly 3,000 individuals participated in the planning process.

Ten years later, nearly 60 businesses, organizations and individuals are supporting the update with a financial contribution. When you have “skin in the game”, you are more vested in the success of the plan/project. On behalf of the community and the Downtown Missoula Partnership, we are grateful for the financial support from these entities:


  • Missoula Parking Commission
  • Missoula Redevelopment Agency


  • City of Missoula
  • Downtown Business Improvement District
  • Missoula Downtown Association


  • Destination Missoula & Tourism BID
  • Farran Realty Partners
  • First Interstate Bank
  • First Security Bank
  • Providence St. Patrick Hospital


  • Advanced Technology Group
  • Anderson Construction
  • Checota Foundation
  • Community Medical Center
  • Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown
  • HomeBase Montana: Missoula Mercantile
  • Jackson Contractor Group
  • Missoula County
  • Missoula Economic Partnership
  • Missoulian
  • Mountain Line
  • University of Montana
  • Washington Development


  • A&E Architects
  • Blackfoot
  • Boone Karlberg
  • Garlington, Lohn & Robinson
  • Missoula Federal Credit Union
  • Old Sawmill District
  • Partners, Inc.
  • PayneWest Financial Group
  • Terry Payne
  • Stockman Bank
  • S. Bank
  • WGM Group
  • Wipfli, LLC
  • Morrison Maierle


  • Caras Real Estate & Access Property Management
  • EcoGeek & VidCon
  • Colin & Lexi Hickey
  • Southgate Mall
  • Missoula Housing Authority
  • Pattee Street, LLC
  • Tom & Mary Lou Stergios
  • Urban Renewal Associates


  • Betty’s Divine
  • Big Dipper Ice Cream
  • Black Coffee
  • Boyher, Erickson, Beaudette & Tranel
  • Boyle, Deveny & Meyer
  • Gatewest Property Management & Parkside Apts.
  • Kembel, Kosena & Co.MacArthur, Means & Wells
  • MIF Partnership
  • Missoula Building Industry Association
  • Missoula Osprey Baseball
  • Rocky Mountain Development Group
  • Williams Law Firm, P.C.