Rent Caras Park Pavilion


The ideal location for your special celebration, the Caras Park Pavilion offers:

  • 9,000 Square Feet of Flexible Space
  • Main Stage and Events Ring
  • 150 Folding Chairs and approx. 35 8-foot Tables
  • Adaptable Side Curtains for Atmosphere and Privacy
  • Ample Parking Evenings & Weekends
  • Portable Staging (256 square feet)
  • Electricity (110v & 220v)
  • Garbage Dumpsters, Cans and Liners
  • Cold Running Water Spigot
  • Adjacent Restroom Facilities
  • Staff to set up Pavilion Equipment

2024 Rental Rates:

  • Friday, Saturday, or Sunday – $1200
  • Monday through Thursday – $975

*MDA Members receive $100 off the rental rate

Missoula is full of other great parks that may be better suited for your event. For a full list of reservable parks & picnic shelters and information on reservations, visit the City of Missoula Parks & Picnic Shelters website.

Caras Park FAQ’s


Who owns and manages the Caras Park Pavilion? 

The City of Missoula owns Caras Park. The Missoula Downtown Association (MDA) manages the park and pavilion rentals. 


Can we use the park whenever we want? 

Caras Park is a public park for year-round utilization. However, it also serves as a primary event venue in Missoula and hosts 80-100 events annually. If you want to have an event in the park, you will need to rent the facilities. If you are interested in just having a small group meeting, or a workout class, or a short rally, then you will need to confirm the park is not reserved for another activity. Caras Park is intended to be a place for people to enjoy and hang out year-round. 


How do we rent the pavilion for an event? 

Review the park information and rental documents at and/or stop by the Downtown Missoula Partnership to learn more about park rentals and availability. 


Can we make an appointment to tour the park?

Yes! Please schedule an appointment to tour the park. Contact the Downtown Missoula Partnership via phone (406-543-4238) or email ([email protected]) to schedule a tour.


What is the venue capacity?

Capacity depends upon the type of event you are planning. The park capacity is 4,000 people. For a banquet style event under the pavilion tent, you can comfortably hold 450 people. The park is very versatile and can be designed to accommodate most events and capacities.


How much does it cost to rent Caras Park?

$975 per day:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 

$1,200 per day: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday


How do we reserve the park? 

Reservation of the pavilion requires a $200 non-refundable confirmation fee and completed confirmation form. The confirmation fee is the first payment of your total rental fee. Contact the Downtown Missoula Partnership at 406.543.4238 or email [email protected] for more information on confirming your reservation.


Do you require a security deposit?

Yes, a $350 security deposit is required to ensure the park and the pavilion are taken care of during your event. If Caras Park is left in good condition, the security deposit will be returned within one week following the event. 


What form of payments do you take?

Payments can be made via cash, check, MasterCard, VISA or American Express. 


When does the rental fee need to be paid? 

All fees and deposits shall be paid 30 days prior to your scheduled event or earlier. 


How long do we have access to Caras Park the day of our event?

Unless otherwise stated, the rental allows for use of the pavilion and Caras Park from 6am to 11pm on the day of your event. Set-up can start as early as 6am. Event tear-down can go as late as 11pm. Amplified sound must end at 10pm Sunday through Thursday and 10:30pm Friday and Saturday.


Are tables and chairs provided?

Yes, the rental comes with 40 rectangular tables that are 8-feet long plus 125 beige metal folding chairs on site for your use. Additionally, there are 15 large picnic tables in the park available for your event. Additional tables and chairs can be rented for a local service provider, if needed. 


Can we have food trucks during the event?

Yes, you are able to use any food trucks and/or caterers you would like. Caras Park has multiple power sources – both 110v and 220v – for trucks and caterers. Click here to see the Caras Park map.


Is there access to water? 

Potable water for public consumption is only available at the bottle refill station on the east side of the restroom building. Water is available from the spigot on the northside of the restroom building from mid-April to mid-October. Hot water is not available. 


What about garbage & recycling? 

Garbage and recycling receptacles and plastic liners are provided for all Caras Park events. Dumpsters for the park are located under the Beartracks Bridge. Garbage and recycling must be removed from the park and into the dumpsters before your event clean-up is considered complete. 


Do restrooms come with the event rental? 

Caras Park has permanent restrooms open to the public from mid-April to mid-October. Facilities include five toilets in the women’s restroom, one toilet and three urinals in the men’s restroom. The restrooms are cleaned every morning by Missoula Parks & Recreation. 


If your event is scheduled when the restrooms are closed for the winter, then you will need to arrange for temporary porta-potties to be delivered to the park for your event. 


Can we serve alcohol at our event?

Yes! There are three ways in which you can offer alcoholic beverages at your event: 

  1. Licensed Liquor Caterer: hire your own liquor catering services if you are selling to the public or want a contractor to take care of liquor services. 
  2. State of Montana Beer & Wine License: if you are a 501c3, 501c4, or 501c6 non-profit, you may be eligible for a State of Montana Special Permit. Visit
  3. If you are hosting a private event, you can purchase and serve alcohol to your guests. 


All events that offer beer, wine or liquor in Caras Park are required to have a City of Missoula Alcohol Permit, which requires a $10 fee. The form and fee should be submitted to the Missoula Downtown Association, along with your lease agreement and rental fees. 


Do we need to provide insurance for our event?

Yes, the City of Missoula requires you to have general liability insurance coverage for injury, disability, death or any other damages incurred during your rental and use of the pavilion. The city requires insurance coverage to be at least two million dollars (2,000,000.00) in coverage. Additionally, the policy must list the Missoula Downtown Association as an additional insured. 


If you or your organization/party do not have a General Liability policy in place, we advise you to obtain a Special Events policy from an insurance provider of your choice. Private parties may be able to purchase a rider on their homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy. 


Can we have live music or a DJ?

Yes! Live music in Caras Park is welcomed and wonderful. The Caras Park bandshell is designed for live entertainment. You also can arrange to have the portable stage (16’x16’) set up under the pavilion, if you prefer a more intimate environment.  


Do we need sound reinforcement services? 

Large events and bands often require contracted sound reinforcement services. Small events and events without live music don’t always need sound reinforcement. You can contract with a provider of choice for your event. Please remember amplified sound must end by 10pm or 10:30pm, depending upon the day of the event. 


Do we need ATM machines? 

Depending upon the type of event you are planning, you may or may not want standard ATM machines. The MDA offers ATM machines, along with your rental, free of charge. The MDA uses a third-party service provider to set-up the machines and fill them with cash. All cash is removed at the end of the event. 


Do you provide help to set up our event? 

The Downtown Missoula Partnership will provide one onsite facilities manager to help with setting up and tearing down your event in the park. Staff are available to remain for the duration of your event for an additional fee. 


Can we use the Beartracks Underbridge Playground? 

Yes, you are welcome to utilize the new underbridge playground during your event. The MDA provides ping pong paddles and balls, plus cornhole bean bags, for Caras Park Rentals. However, exclusive use of the playground will need to be arranged through Missoula Parks and Recreation. 


Can we use East Caras Park? 

Yes, you are allowed to use East Caras Park, but you will have to make arrangements with Missoula Parks and Recreation. 


Can we use heating devices at the pavilion? 

You are allowed to use electrical heating devices, but you are not allowed to use propane underneath the pavilion canopy. Propane heating must be at least 15 feet from the pavilion canopy. 


Where can I get more information? 

You can get more information about the park and park rentals by visiting the Downtown Missoula website, or connecting with the staff at the Downtown Missoula Partnership Office (218 E. Main). Call 406-543-4238 or email [email protected].

Caras Park Rental Form

Are you interested in renting Caras Park for a community festival, a private event or something in between? Send a message to start the process or just to inquire!

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