Participate in Missoula Downtown Association Events

The Missoula Downtown Association produces over 30 community events each year aimed at bringing together Missoulians in Caras Park and in the streets of Downtown. There are many opportunities to be involved whether it be as a supporting sponsor, as a local food vendor, a local band, or an organization providing children’s activities at various events.

If you have any questions regarding being involved in MDA events, call 406.543.4238 or email [email protected].

The Missoula Downtown Association produces over 30 public events every year, connecting more than 250,000 people to the heart of Downtown Missoula. Showcase your business to the Missoula community by supporting these quality events.

2024 Event Sponsorship Package


The Importance of Sponsoring MDA Events
  • Building the Economy: MDA’s community events bring more than 250,000 people to the heart of Missoula who spend time and money in our city center.
  • Access for All: MDA believes folks of all socioeconomic backgrounds should have access to quality community events free of charge – all MDA events are open to the public with no admission fee. Support from local businesses help keep events free for all.
  • Business Exposure: Sponsorship of MDA events gives you direct contact with thousands of attendees. This exposure allows you to have ‘top-of-mind’ awareness when individuals think and talk about businesses in Missoula.
  • Business Reflection: Supporting MDA events reflects positively on you and your business – potential customers associate your business with community events that benefit everyone.
  • Supporting What You Love about Downtown: Revenues generated from MDA events help fund non-revenue generating programs. Examples include flower baskets, holiday décor, Downtown Gift Cards, marketing, advocacy, and more.
  • Missoula’s Sense of Place: MDA community events contribute significantly to our sense of place. They help form our community character and create a place folks want to live, work, and play in.
  • Keeping it Local: Your sponsorship dollars keep money circulating in our local economy. Sometimes that one dollar can circulate up to seven times when spent with a local business or non-profit organization.
  • Support the MDA: Your support of these events contributes significantly to the MDA’s mission to “promote, support, and enhance the vitality of Downtown Missoula for the betterment of our community.”

Each year, the Missoula Downtown Association (MDA) hosts public events that aim to bring our vibrant community together in the heart of Downtown Missoula. The MDA is seeking food vendors to enhance our events and create a festive atmosphere. Vendors will be chosen based upon numerous factors including but not limited to: power consumption, size of vending operation, type of food, performance at previous events, MDA membership status, etc. Be aware that the use of sustainable serving materials is mandatory for all food vendors at MDA events.


2024 MDA Vendor Application

Application Deadline: Friday, February 23, 2024

Each summer, thousands of people come through Caras Park in the Heart of Downtown Missoula, Montana on Wednesdays at lunchtime and Thursday evenings to enjoy two of the longest standing traditions in Downtown Missoula – Out to Lunch and Downtown ToNight.  As part of this tradition we hire both local and out-of-area talent to provide music throughout each event.

We are looking for dynamic bands who are family-friendly, fun, energetic, and will truly add to the atmosphere of our events. Please note that we are not looking for individual solo artists or individual instrument players. Bands must be able to play for entire length of event (please refer to each event’s time); breaks can be included throughout set. Questions? Please email [email protected] or call 406.543.4238.


2024 Out to Lunch and Downtown ToNight Band Application

Application Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2024

This Request for Proposal is meant to obtain proposals from interested parties to be a bar service provider for Downtown ToNight – an event produced by the Missoula Downtown Association (MDA).  This RFP process is designed to aid the MDA in selecting bar service provider(s) who will provide consistent, high-quality service to attendees of Downtown ToNight. Please note that the MDA reserves the right to select more than one service provider.

2024 Downtown ToNight Bar Service RFP

Deadline for submission: March 14, 2024

River City Roots Festival is Missoula’s Signature Celebration that features live music, local food vendors, Family Roots Fest, a 4-mile Run, and an Art Show. As an admission-free event, Roots typically draws over 15,000 people into the Heart of Missoula. This year’s festival will be held August 26-27, 2022.

The Roots Fest Art Show features not only traditional “fine” art – such as paintings, pottery, and photography – but also features more “alternative” means of art that is seen at the wildly popular Missoula MADE Fairs.  While Missoula’s “Roots” have a base in fine art, we are seeing more and more that alternative forms of art are also just as important to Missoula’s spirit.  As such, we hope to have a mix of “traditional” and “non-traditional” artists showcased at River City Roots Festival.

Application for the 2024 River City Roots Festival will be available in early 2024.

Interested in providing a Children’s Activity for Out to Lunch or Downtown ToNight? Please fill out the form below. Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or 406.543.4238.

2023 Out to Lunch/Downtown ToNight Kids Activity Provider

  • Note that preferred dates are not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate requests.