Garden City Brewfest Saturday, May 4, 2019 12-8 pm at Caras Park

Come to Caras Park and experience Missoula’s Original BrewFest!  Now in its 27th year, Garden City BrewFest is often imitated but never duplicated! As the official kick-off to the warm weather season, Garden City BrewFest is not to be missed.  All are welcome to enjoy an afternoon in the Heart of Missoula.

Garden City BrewFest is free for all to enjoy.  To taste the beer/wine/cider is $15 (includes one 7-ounce commemorative glass and three beer tokens; additional tokens are 2 for $3)

BrewFest Special: $20 for a glass and 6 tokens

Check back soon for more details!

Check back soon for more details!

Music will be announced soon!

2018 Winners

  • Best of Show: Americano Coffee Mild, Missoula Brewing
  • Best of Show Runner-up: Rupture Fresh Ground Ale, Odell Brewing
  • Best IPA: Bubble Stash IPA, Hop Valley Brewing
  • Best Brown/Porter/Stout: Americano Coffee Mild, Missoula Brewing
  • Best Wheat/Blonde Ale: Brickhouse Blonde, Blacksmith Brewing
  • Best American Ale: Rupture Fresh Ground Ale, Odell Brewing
  • Best Fruit Beer: Lemon Meringue Sour, Draught Works Brewing
  • Best Belgian/Sour: Merliner Weisse, Big Sky Brewing
  • Best Scottish/Red Ale: Mountain Man Scotch Ale, Jeremiah Johnson Brewing
  • Best Double IPA: Hop Rising Double IPA, Squatters Brewing

2017 Winners

  • Best IPA: Bruno’s IPA, Red Lodge Brewing (Best of Show)
  • Best Lager: Toasted Lager, Blue Point Brewing
  • Best Fruit Beer: Sip N Go Apricot Ale, Tamarack Brewing
  • Best Amber / Porter / Stout:  Scotty Butte Wee Heavy, Missoula Brewing Company
  • Best Pale Ale: Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing
  • Best Light Lager:  Honey Kolsch, Rogue Brewing
  • Best Belgian / Sour: Blackberry Gose, Draught Works  (Best of Show Runner Up)

2016 Winners

  • Best Light Lager: Craft Lager, Upslope Brewing Co.
  • Best Bock: Dump Truck, Bayern Brewing, Inc.
  • Best Wheat: Honey Weizen, Front Brewing Co.
  • Best IPA: Space Dust, Elysian Brewing Co.
  • Best Pale Ale: Grunion Pale, Ballast Point Brewing Co.
  • Best Stout/Porter: Fortress Rock Imp Stout, Missoula Brewing Co.
  • Best Fruit/Specialty: Mount Jumbo Grapefruit, Missoula Brewing Co.
  • Best Scottish/Irish Red: Chip Off The ‘Ol Scotch, Bowser Brewing Co.
  • Best Saison/ Belgian/ Best of Show/ Best of Montana, Rope Swing Saison- Philipsburg Brewing Co.

2015 Winners

  • Best Lager/Best of Montana: Montana Helles Lager, Bayern Brewing, Inc.
  • Best Belgian/French: Rope Swing Saison, Philipsburg Brewing Co.
  • Best Pale Ale: Alchemy Pale Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewery
  • Best IPA: Ghost Train Double IPA, Carter’s Brewing
  • Best Specialty: Montana Creamsicle, Great Burn Brewing
  • Best Stout/Best of Show: Double Stout Black Ale, Green Flash Brewing Co.
  • Best English: Double Eagle Scotch Ale, Lolo Peak Brewing Co.
  • Best Light Beer: Goose Summer Ale, Goose Island Brewery

2014 Winners

  • Pale Ale: Sweetgrass Pale Ale, Grand Teton Brewing Company
  • Strong Ale: Pack Train Double IPA, Big Sky Brewing Company
  • Wheat/Rye: Salmon Fly Honey Rye, Madison River Brewing Company
  • Belgian: Spring Saison, Wildwood Brewing
  • Bock: Dump Truck Summer Bock, Bayern Brewing
  • Fruit: Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale, Elysian Brewing Company
  • IPA: Single Malt IPA, Blackfoot River Brewing Company
  • Lager: Schwarzbier, Bayern Brewing
  • Light Hybrid Ale: Yellowstone Golden Ale, Lewis and Clark Brewing Company
  • Dark Ale: Back Country Scottish Ale, Lewis and Clark Brewing Company
  • Best of Montana: Back Country Scottish Ale, Lewis and Clark Brewing Company
  • Best of Show: Back Country Scottish Ale, Lewis and Clark Brewing Company

2013 Winners

  • Best of Montana, Lone Peak American Stout
  • Best Blonde Ale, Blackfoot River Cream Ale
  • Best Bock/Maibock, Wildwood Organic Loquacious Duck
  • Best Cider, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider
  • Best Dark Ale, Ninkkasi Otis Oatmeal Stout
  • Best Fruit Beer, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
  • Best IPA, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
  • Best Lager, Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL
  • Best Pale Ale, Grand Teton Bitch Creek ESB
  • Best Specialty, Lone Peak American Stout
  • Best Strong Ale, Bitterroot Red Dread Imperial Ale
  • Best Wheat/Rye, Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’
  • Best of Show, Lone Peak American Stout

2012 Winners

  • Best American Ale: Ninkasi, Spring Reign
  • Best Belgian: Flathead brewing Co., Dirty Ginger
  • Best Dark Ale: Ninkasi, Oatmeal Stout
  • Best Fruit Beer: Shock Top
  • Best IPA: Blackfoot Brewing Co., Single Malt IPA
  • Best Lager: Wild Wood Brewing Co., Ambitious Lager
  • Best Light Ale: Glacier Brewing Co., Golden Grizzly
  • Best Specialty: Deschutes Brewing Co., Chainbreaker White IPA
  • Best of Montana: Wild Wood Brewing Co., Ambitious Lager
  • Best of Show: Ninkasi, Oatmeal stout

2011 Winners

  • Best Lager: Bayern Maibock
  • Best Wheat/Rye: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy
  • Best Dark Ale: Big Sky Irish Stout
  • Best IPA: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
  • Best Light Ale: Deschutes Hefewiezen
  • Best American Pale Ale: Bitter Root Brewing CTZ Single Hop Ale
  • Best Belgian: RedHook Wit
  • Best Specialty: Zoo City Zymurgists/Big Sky Brewing Missoula 5-0
  • Best of Show: Zoo City Zymurgists/Big Sky Brewing Missoula 5-0
  • Best Montana Beer 2011: Zoo City Zymurgists/Big Sky Brewing Missoula 5-0

2010 Winners

  • Best Belgian: Blue Moon’s Belgian White
  • Best Dark Ale/Strong: Blacksmith Blackout Stout
  • Best Dark Ale: Big Sky Cowboy Coffee Porter
  • Best Light Hybrid Ale: Alaska Summer Ale
  • Best IPA: Blackfoot Brewing Single Malt IPA
  • Best Lager: Red Hook Rope Swing Pilsner
  • Best Pale Ale: New Belgian Mighty Arrow
  • Best Specialty: Kettlehouse Seeley Axe White Sorghum Beer
  • Best Wheat/Rye: Madison River Salmon Fly Honey Rye

2009 Winners

  • Best Lager: Bayern Maibock
  • Best Light Hybrid: Glacier Brewing Golden Grizzly Ale
  • Best Pale Ale: New Belgium Mighty Arrow
  • Best Amber Ale: Green Lakes Organic Amber
  • Best Dark Ale: Harvest moon Pigs Ass Porter
  • Best Strong Dark Ale: Highlander – Missoula Brewing Co.
  • Best Wheat or Rye: Bayern Dragon’s Breath Dark Hefe
  • Best Belgian: Blue Moon Belgian White
  • Best IPA: Deschutes Brewing Inversion IPA
  • Best Fruit Beer: Pyramid Brewing Audacious Apricot Ale
  • Best of Montana: Highlander – Missoula Brewing Co.
  • Best of Show: Deschutes Brewing Inversion IPA

Volunteer at Garden City BrewFest!

As a volunteer you will receive a free Garden City BrewFest shirt, a free glass, and three free drink tokens.  There are many shifts and duties available. Follow the link to sign up and please let us know if you have any questions by contacting 406-543-4238 or [email protected]

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