Lease Parking

Leased parking is available throughout Downtown.  Please contact the Missoula Parking Commission (406.552.6250) for availability.

Long-Term Parking Map (used for Downtown employees and residents)

**NOTE: The Downtown Missoula Partnership does not manage parking. Please contact the Missoula Parking Commission for the most up-to-date information and for any questions regarding parking in Downtown Missoula**

Bank Street StructureSouthside of 1st Interstate Bank$75-$85
Bridge LotUnder Higgins Ave Bridge$60
Caras LotRiverfront$60
Central Park Structure128 W Main St$75-$85
East Main LotE Main St and Washington St$60
East Spruce Street200 E Spruce St$35
Engine LotJust south of the tracks off Washington$40
Greyhound Lot130 W Broadway St$60
Kiwanis Park LotKiwanis Park$40
Midtown Lot400 N Higgins Ave$60
New Park LotRiverfront$60
North Ryman Street600 N Ryman St$35
Owen Street300 Owen St$35
Park Place StructureE Front St and Pattee St$85
Railroad Street100-200 W Railroad St$35
Riverside LotRiverfront$60
Smith Lot200 W Alder St$40
West Alder Street200 W Alder St$35
West Broadway LotW Broadway St and Woody St$60
West Broadway Street400 W Broadway St$35
West Front Lot400 W Front St$40
West Front Street400-500 W Front St$35
Woody LotPine St and Woody St$35
Woody Street500 Woody St$35

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