President’s Article: June

Out to Lunch, Downtown Tonight, Farmers Market, Clark Fork Market…it is here! The balsamroots have been in full force turning parts of the mountain yellow and are already starting to move on to leave room for another array of beautiful summer wildflowers. It seems like when the Mountains start to turn shades of yellow, blue, reds, and purples the people of Missoula begin to flood the streets of Downtown. Downtown is the lifeblood and heart of summer activity, the starting point for adventures or the ending point of a day spent outside. A place to grab a coffee and breakfast before you fish the rivers all day and then a spot to grab dinner and a drink once you are done. Downtown Missoula is always such a special and unique place but in the summer it really shows all of its brilliance and its hard to to fall in love with it over and over again. Seeing the draft of the Downtown Master Plan over the last few weeks has made me even more excited to be involved in such an incredible community. If you haven’t gotten a chance to look at it check it out

Remember that the MDA is a resource for all of you. We are a platform for you to come to with any and all concerns because it is our job to try and fix them and make Downtown the best place to do business in Missoula, and in the state. I believe that it is but we constantly have to push in order to make sure it stays that way. Without communication and thoughtful conversation about what is going well and what is concerning we can’t continually move to be better and stay the best. If you would like to reach out to me personally or any of the staff members through the MDA we are here. We want to be a voice for Downtown and in order to be a collective voice we need your participation. Enjoy the start of summer and be involved in keeping this place so special!

See you Downtown,

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