Cheers to 30 Years of Garden City BrewFest!

Cheers to 30 Years of Garden City BrewFest!

Montana’s Original BrewFest Coming Up Saturday, May 4th


Often imitated but never replicated, Montana’s original and largest beer festival will take place Saturday, May 4 in Caras Park in Downtown Missoula. This year’s event will feature over 50 beers, ciders, hard seltzers, and wines. Garden City BrewFest will take place from 12-7 pm and features local food trucks and live music from three Missoula-based bands.

Kicking of the festival on stage is bluegrass band Blue Point (12-2pm). Next, the country group Tanner Laws Band will be on stage 2:30-4:30pm. Closing out the night, Kyle Curtis and the Promised Lands bring their soul and funk sound to the BrewFest stage from 5-7pm.

While Garden City BrewFest is admission free for all to enjoy, those interested in sampling the brews can purchase a 7-ounce commemorative glass, wristband, and four tokens for $20. Additional tokens are 2 for $3.00. In celebration of the 30th anniversary, three hundred 12-ounce glass steins will be available for purchase at $30, which includes the wristband and four tokens. Food can also be purchased from some of Missoula’s favorite food vendors: Big Dipper Ice Cream, Clove Cart Pizza, M-80 Chicken, Servin’ Thyme, and newcomer Sista Elmmy. The Sentinel Kiwanis Club will also be serving up brats.

One aspect that sets this event apart from others around Missoula is the Garden City Beer Awards, judged and provided by Missoula’s local brewing club, the Zoo City Zymurgists, who sample and judge each beer for a variety of awards that will be presented around 4:30pm.

New this year is the Brew Games Cornhole Tournament organized by students in the University of Montana Entertainment Management (UMEM) program.

“This is a great opportunity for students to have hands-on experience organizing an event, and it allows us to expand what is offered during Garden City BrewFest,” said Kristen Sackett, Marketing & Events Director for the Downtown Missoula Partnership. “It’s important that we continue to strengthen relationships between Downtown and the campus community by providing these kinds of opportunities for students. We’re grateful that UMEM approached us about a collaboration.” Two-person teams can still register at a cost of $10.00.

Started in 1992, the event was originally called BRIW Fest, as the creators of the event were Bayern Brewing, the Rhinoceros, the Iron Horse and Worden’s Market. It was the first brewfest in recent Montana history and offered special beers that were not typically available for purchase. The event was gifted to the Missoula Downtown Association in 2003 and has served as a major fundraiser for the organization’s projects and programs.

Major sponsors for this year’s Garden City BrewFest include Bayern Brewing, Stockman Bank, Trail 103.3, MariMint, Revolvr, TDS Fiber, and Windfall.

Garden City BrewFest coincides with opening day of the Saturday Markets in Downtown Missoula. Community members are encouraged to bike, walk, or utilize Mountain Line to travel to events. If driving, ample parking is available in the Central Park, Park Place, and ROAM parking garages. Parking is free throughout Downtown on weekends. Garden City BrewFest attendees are encouraged to drink responsibly and get a safe ride home. For more information, visit or call the Downtown Missoula Partnership at 406-543-4238.

30th Annual Garden City BrewFest

Official Beer, Cider, Seltzer, and Wine List


Brewery                                               Beer                                                                      Location

Bayern Brewing                                Festival Pilsner                                                  Missoula, MT

Bayern Brewing                                Citra Dump Truck                                             Missoula, MT

Bayern Brewing                                Schwarzbier                                                       Missoula, MT

Bayern Brewing                                Montana Helles                                                 Missoula, MT

Big Sky Brewing                                Summer Honey                                                 Missoula, MT

Big Sky Brewing                                Juicy Mango Shake a Day                              Missoula, MT

Conflux Brewing                               Alburg Vienna Lager Ale                                Missoula, MT

Conflux Brewing                               Set You Free Pale Ale                                      Missoula, MT

Cranky Sam Public House             Rye Rye Baby Rice Lager                                                Missoula, MT

Cranky Sam Public House             Peaks to Prairie Hazy IPA                              Missoula, MT

Draught Works                                  Lemon Meringue Sour                                   Missoula, MT

Draught Works                                  Sweet Heat Mango Habernero IPA           Missoula, MT

GILD Brewing                                     Helles Lager                                                        Missoula, MT

GILD Brewing                                     Rice Cold Beer                                                   Missoula, MT

Great Burn Brewing                         Fuego Grande Mexican Lager                      Missoula, MT

Great Burn Brewing                         Jasmine Green Tea IPA                                  Missoula, MT

Highlander Brewery                        Guavasaurus                                                      Missoula, MT

Highlander Brewery                        Tangerine Squeezer                                        Missoula, MT

Imagination Brewing                      Return of the Grizzly Pale Ale                      Missoula, MT

Kettlehouse Brewery                     56 Counties                                                        Missoula, MT

Kettlehouse Brewery                     Great Haze in the Sky Hazy IPA                   Missoula, MT

Kettlehouse Brewery                     Stout                                                                     Missoula, MT

Lolo Peak Brewing                           Hazy IPA                                                              Lolo, MT

Lolo Peak Brewing                           Bulldog Blonde                                                  Lolo, MT



Brewery                                               Beer                                                                      Location

Bias Brewing                                      Rice Rice Baby Lager                                       Kalispell, MT

Bias Brewing                                      Jewel Basin IPA                                                 Kalispell, MT

Cabinet Mountain Brewing Co.   Hoodoo Hefe                                                     Libby, MT

Harvest Moon Brewing Co.          Beltian White                                                     Belt, MT

Jeremiah Johnson                            Hazy Pale Ale                                                     Great Falls, MT

Lewis and Clark Brewing                Prickly Pear Pale Ale                                        Helena, MT

Lewis and Clark Brewing               Halo Huckleberry Hefeweizen                    Helena, MT

Meadowlark Brewing                     Peach Wheat                                                     Sidney, MT

Mountains Walking                         Sky Flowers Indica Pale Ale                          Bozeman, MT

Neptune’s Brewery                         Pine Creek Pale Ale                                         Livingston, MT

New Hokkaido Beverage Co.       Yamabiko Rice Lager                                       Bozeman, MT

Outlaw Brewing                                Yuppi Hammer                                                  Bozeman, MT

Sacred Waters Brewing Co.          Hungry Horse Hazy IPA                                  Kalispell, MT

Tamarack Brewing Co.                   Big EZ Hazy Double IPA                                  Lakeside, MT/Missoula, MT

Tamarack Brewing Co.                   Smooth Operator Oat Stout                         Lakeside, MT/Missoula, MT



Brewery                                               Beer                                                                      Location

10 Barrel Brewing                            Profuse Juice                                                     Boise, ID

Bell’s Brewery                                   Oberon                                                                Kalamazoo, MI

Bombastic Brewing                         Shilver Coffee Stout                                        Hayden, ID

Boulevard Brewing                          Tropic Slam Sour                                              Kansas City, MO

Breakside Brewery                          Stars on Ice DIPA                                              Portland, OR

Golden Road Brewing                     Mango Cart                                                         Los Angeles, CA

Jiant Brewing Co.                              Peach Hard Iced Tea                                       Culver City, CA

Hopworks Urban Brewery            Winter Ritual Cold IPA                                   Portland, OR

Laughing Dog Brewing                   Huckleberry Cream Ale                                  Ponderay, ID



Brewery                                               Beer                                                                      Location

Bitburger + Deschutes                    Zwickl Pilsner                                                     Germany



Last Chance Cider Mill                    Flathead Cherry Cider                                     Billings, MT

Last Chance Cider Mill                    Pearfection Cider                                             Billings, MT

Stem Cider                                          Salted Cucumber Cider                                  Denver, CO

Summit Cider                                     Sunrise Pineapple Cider                                 Ponderay, ID

Tieton Cider                                       Huckleberry Cider                                            Yakima, WA

Tieton Cider                                       Imperial Raspberry Cider                              Yakima, WA

Western Cider                                   The Colonial                                                       Missoula, MT

Western Cider                                   Hi-Lime                                                                 Missoula, MT



Big Sky Brewing Co.                         Huckleberry Lemonade Seltzer                  Missoula, MT

Boulevard Brewing Co.                   Ginger Grape Hard Seltzer                            Kansas City, MO

Draught Works                                  Water Works Citrus Cowboy Seltzer        Missoula, MT

Upslope Brewing Co.                      Pomegranate Acai Hard Seltzer                  Boulder, CO

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