My Missoula: Pink Grizzly

Pink Grizzly Greenhouse, an AgroVitae Company is operated by the Clouse family. The business is currently managed by Shane Clouse.  The entrepreneurial ventures have been as eclectic as the Pink Grizzly name.  Pink Grizzly is a grower and retailer of all manner of bedding plants, vegetables, perennials trees and shrubs.  The garden center sells hard goods to accompany live plants.  In the late summer Pink Grizzly sells fresh, locally grown produce to the community.  During the 4th of July season Pink Grizzly sells fireworks to help Missoulians celebrate the independence of our United States of America. Pink Grizzly also operates a Christmas tree and wreath business.  The online wreath business is called  All of the fresh products are grown or made at the historic location at 1400 Wyoming street along the NEW Russell street remodel.

How long has your business been in operation?
The business started in 1956 when Ferris and Anna Marie Clouse settled in the Missoula valley.

What are your favorite things to celebrate Earth Day in Missoula and why?
Nearly everything I sell is alive.  Earth Day is a work day for me and a chance to share my knowledge of growing things with the community.  Each year Pink Grizzly supports several local school systems and philanthropic organizations by donating plants to teach people how to grow something for food or to increase joy in our community.  Since Earth Day April 22 is during our peak growing season our entire crew will be busy at the nursery working to prepare for the last frost date when it is safe to put out plants in the 5 valleys surrounding Missoula.  Every day is Earth day at Pink Grizzly for our very existence is an example of sustainability. That is why you see open space and plants instead of asphalt and a high rise structure at Pink Grizzly.

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