Unseen Missoula Tours

Carnal Enterprises

April – September

While most in Missoula are familiar with the name Mary Gleim or the brief history of Front Street, many of the district’s stories remain untold including Gleim’s and her businesses. Since its existence along the historic Mullan Road, Front Street has been dubbed with the title of Missoula’s ‘red light district’ implicating that district remained a place of vice, sin, and corruption influenced by the radical reformist religious movements of the late 19th century. However, violence and addiction found throughout the entirety of the American West remain only a sliver of the true story.

From 1889-1917, West Front and Main Streets became home to a vibrant ‘restricted’ community of working women, Chinese laborers, African American soldiers, and immigrants who built the environment we as Missoulians have come to love today. This tour discusses the district through the historical lenses of sex, race, class, and occupation in order to create a broader social understanding against the backdrop of the remaining built environment.

This 1-hour tour leaves from the front of The Wilma. It covers about 5 city blocks.

ADA accessible.





  • Individuals – $15

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