President’s Article: April

Spring is here and with it comes a new vibrancy in Downtown Missoula. It means flower baskets are close to going up and street cleaning continues to go in full force, keeping our Downtown beautiful and welcoming. Along with the hundreds of small things the MDA does to keep our Downtown a place where businesses can thrive and people can enjoy, we have a few events coming up that help kick things off.
Unseen Missoula is starting back up and is an incredible way to see the back-alleys and history that have created our Downtown. If you haven’t had the privilege of being a part of these tours it is something that is worth your while to sign up for! Along with that the Heritage Interpretive Plan kickoff is at the Mercantile on April 5 from 5-8 pm. Downtown Missoula is the heart of Western Montana and is cherished for its historical and cultural significance. It is also going through a period of unprecedented growth and development. With growth comes challenges in how we maintain our sense of self. The Missoula Downtown Foundation as partnered with the City of Missoula Historic Preservation Office and Historical Research Associates to develop the Missoula Downtown Heritage Interpretive Plan. The project aims to establish specific guidelines on the ways to leverage Downtown Missoula’s heritage to create engaging and diverse visitor experiences. It is something that will help in our growth and the soul of where we live and is worth being a part of.
In addition we have Ladies Night and Missoula Fashion Week coming up! Thank you for your continued engagement, personality and life you bring, and energy that keeps this special place exactly that.

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