My Missoula: Rockin’ Rudy’s

How long have you been in business? 

37 years!

Why did you choose to locate your business downtown?

Downtown is the heart of Missoula and Rockin Rudys has always tried to be a pulse to keep it beating.  After having a couple different locals along the Hip Strip such as Betty’s Divine and the old Food Bank we finally found a permanent home at our current location on 237 Blaine St.  Formerly Eddy’s Bakery, we moved into the building which finally gave us enough space to create the “Original Hipster Department Store” serving weird and wild products for the last three decades.

If you and a group of your co-workers were going to enjoy some beverages, food and entertainment at some of Missoula’s Downtown “watering holes” where would you go and why?

Number 1 with a triple gold star is Kettlehouse Brewing.  A local spot only a few blocks away you’re guaranteed to spot a couple Rudy’s crew members enjoying a tasty pint. Friendly staff and great selection of unique micro-brews – it’s definitely a favorite of ours.

Over the Higgins bridge, another spot would be the Union Club.  One of the last best stages for local music and a newly renovated dance floor you’ll find yourself boogyin’ in no time.  Stiff drinks and good vibes emanate from this historic bar.

Finally for live music The VFW is where we go to check out Missoula’s growing local music scene.  Unlikely will there ever be a show at the VFW that won’t blow us away.  When it’s not show time they’ve got a fantastic karaoke night where you can follow your dream and belt out that one song you were destined to sing.

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