Missoula Downtown Foundation Launches Spring Campaign for Beartracks Underbridge Playground

Missoula Downtown Foundation Launches Spring Campaign for

Beartracks Underbridge Playground


The Missoula Downtown Foundation (MDF) is thrilled to announce the launch of its 2024 Spring Campaign, dedicated to raising funds for the ongoing improvements to the Beartracks Underbridge Playground, a visionary project set to transform the urban landscape of Downtown Missoula into a vibrant hub of joy, creativity, and community gathering.

The Beartracks Underbridge Playground, located beneath Beartracks Bridge and Higgins Avenue, is designed to be an inclusive, safe, and engaging area where people of all ages can explore and enjoy. With its unique location and imaginative design, the playground promises to be more than just a play area; it’s a testament to Missoula’s dedication to fostering inclusive, family-friendly spaces that encourage play, learning, and growth in the heart of our city.

“Our community has always stood together to create meaningful spaces that serve as a foundation for growth, joy, and connection,” said Travis Neil, President of the Missoula Downtown Foundation Board of Directors. “The Beartracks Underbridge Playground represents our collective commitment to the future, offering a space where our youngest residents can thrive. We are excited to see the community come together to support this pivotal project.”

The 2024 Spring Campaign aims to raise funds to complete the playground’s construction and ensure it is fully equipped with engaging and safe play structures for children of all ages. Work on the space began in the fall of 2023, with the installation of concrete table tennis, cornhole, picnic tables, and a basketball hoop. The space also saw the addition of artwork on the floor. Funding raised in the Spring Campaign will continue the progress with the installation of additional artwork and lighting upgrades to enhance the safety and playfulness of the space. Future improvements will include also include a climbing feature.

To support the campaign or learn more about the Beartracks Underbridge Playground and other MDF projects, please visit missouladowntown.com or contact the Downtown Missoula Partnership at 406-543-4238 or [email protected].

About Missoula Downtown Foundation

The Missoula Downtown Foundation (MDF) supports and promotes the spirit and heritage of Missoula through cultural, historical, and economic enhancement of Downtown Missoula, now and for future generations. By funding enhancements to Downtown, be they structural, informational, cultural, or placemaking, the Foundation contributes to building a sense of place and community that connects people with Missoula.


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