My Missoula: Rocky Mountain School of Photography

In the photo, the names are from left to right: Quinn Hegwood (Social Media Manager/Instructor), Bob McGowan (Student Services Specialist), Forest Chaput de Saintonge (Director), Neil Chaput de Saintonge (Founder/Owner), Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge (Founder/Owner/Business Manager), Sarah Chaput de Saintonge (Director), Tony Rix (IT Specialist), Jessica Carter (Program Director/Instructor), Jeff McLain (Staff Instructor), Zoe Ammondson (Staff Extrovert).

For 30 years, our family-owned photography school has provided one-of-a-kind educational experiences for anyone interested in bettering their photographic art. We provide an 8-month professional training program, a 6-week hobbyist program, and workshops both in Missoula and across the country. Our students say that their time at RMSP was invaluable, life-changing, and extremely motivating, and many of our professional students go on to launch their own photography businesses.

How long have you been in business? 

30 years

Why did you choose to locate your business downtown?

We chose to locate our business downtown because the Missoula downtown community is so welcoming and inviting for our students arriving from all across the country. We like being in the middle of the pulse of Missoula, and our students love the proximity to local businesses and convenience options.

If you had 24 hours to spoil yourself, where would you visit in Downtown Missoula and why? 

And since we are a photography school, some of our favorite Missoula downtown summer hot spots and shooting spots are Caras Park/Brennan’s Wave, Plonk at night on the balcony, Farmer’s Market, any downtown Missoula alley, Greenough Park, Waterworks Hill, Mount Sentinel, and the Kim Williams Trail, to name a few. Endless photo opportunities abound in this beautiful town!

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