2021 Annual Downtown Awards

Celebrate the Resiliency of Downtown Missoula

2021 Annual Downtown Awards – Nominations Open

Each year the Missoula Downtown Association recognizes extraordinary individuals who make Downtown Missoula such a special place. While 2020 was an incredibly challenging year for most, there are countless individuals who went above and beyond to connect people to the Downtown community in meaningful ways. The MDA Annual Awards Program is one small opportunity for our community to recognize and celebrate the people who keep Downtown Missoula healthy and vibrant.

Please consider acknowledging those around you who contribute to making Downtown Missoula the best it can be. Nominate someone today for one of the following awards as a way to acknowledge and recognize their service. Nominations must be submitted no later than December 31, 2020.


Dan Cederberg Downtowner of the Year

One of Missoula’s most prestigious honors since 1986, the Dan Cederberg Downtowner of the Year recognizes an individual who has made Downtown Missoula a better place by his or her unselfish and extraordinary efforts, activities or contributions.  Renamed after an extraordinary man who served the MDA Board of Directors for 34 years, The Downtowner of the Year Award is presented to a business owner, manager employee, staff member or professional affiliated with the Missoula Downtown Association.


Downtown Employee of the Year

The Downtown Employee of the year is awarded to an exceptional employee who has done something special in the last year.  Examples might include providing exceptional customer service or the creation of a new product or program.  This person must be a business owner, manager or employee affiliated with the Missoula Downtown Association.


MDA Committee Member of the Year

The MDA Committee Member of the Year award recognizes the dedicated efforts of an individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty in service to the MDA’s mission or in contribution to the production of an MDA community event.


MDA Board Member of the Year

The MDA Board Member of the Year award honors an MDA Board Member for his or her engaged, enthusiastic and dedicated stewardship and active leadership in Downtown Missoula and the Missoula Downtown Association.  Nominees shall be board members of the Missoula Downtown Association.


Downtown Volunteer of the Year

Introduced in 2014, this award honors any individual who is serving the Downtown community and its constituents through volunteer service.  This person has a “yes” attitude, always responds to need, and is recognized as someone who truly provides “service for others”.


Downtown Business of the Year

Also introduced in 2014, the Downtown Business of the Year is awarded to an entity that has contributed to the Downtown Missoula community in extraordinary ways.  The award honors a distinct Missoula business that supports Downtown projects, programs, or events with time, talent and treasure and gives back to the community in multiple ways.


Nominations are due by Thursday, December 31, 2020.

2021 Missoula Downtown Association Awards Nomination Form