Buy A Downtown Mask!

Show off your love for Downtown Missoula! These masks showcase all that is great about Downtown from Caras Park, to dining, to shopping, to events – it’s no wonder that Downtown is considered the Heartbeat of Missoula. Choose from one of four designs and one of two sizes (medium – teen/women; large – adult male). NOTE: We are out of stock of the Medium Purple (Caras Park) masks. Larges are still available.



The Downtown Missoula Partnership works to ensure there is a vibrant and thriving environment and economy in the Heart of Missoula. Programs such as Garden City BrewFest, Out to Lunch, Downtown ToNight, and River City Roots Festival help sustain our organization. Donate today to help assure our organization can continue to nurture a vibrant Downtown Missoula.

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Purple, Light Blue, Yellow


Large (Adult)