Downtown Ambassador Business Improvement District

The Downtown Ambassador Program was created in 2007 and modeled after the best programs in the country. The Ambassadors provide hospitality and safety services for the Downtown community and serve as the eyes and ears on the streets. Ambassadors offer regular connections with downtown business owners and employees by disseminating information, responding to calls for assistance, and reporting crime and graffiti. They offer assistance to visitors and residents, educating folks how to use the parking kiosks, and providing referrals, directions, maps and brochures. Oftentimes the Ambassadors can be found at special events in Downtown with the Mobile Information Kiosk (MIK), a four-wheeled bike decked out to serve as a portable visitor information desk under the big blue umbrella. Ambassadors serve education and outreach roles to improve public safety and reduce bikes on sidewalks, bill-posting, panhandling, graffiti tags and more.

2017 Highlights

  • Provided information or assistant to nearly 1,200 individuals, working to improve their experience in Downtown
  • Reported nearly 2,000 cyclists riding on downtown sidewalks
  • Reported and helped to clean up nearly 600 graffiti tags
  • Removed nearly 700 posters taped to public properties
  • Connected with Downtown business owners nearly 2,500 times

The Downtown Ambassador program improves the quality of life for all Downtown business owners, employees and consumers. For more information or to schedule a connection, contact Ambassador Dave Chrismon via phone (406-396-7806) or email [email protected].